Josef & Anni Albers

ICA-Belgium’s Walk & Talk / Meet & Learn: Josef and Anni Albers. Iconic Couple of Modernism (members-only)

Join us on the 29th of June at 11h in Villa Empain in Brussels for ICA-Belgium’s Walk & Talk / Meet & Learn event for members.

When one talks about the interaction of colour, Josef Albers is the expert one can not exclude. Many professionals working in the field of colour today, still encounter his way of teaching colour. Let us share experiences about our interaction with the work and teaching of Josef Albers while visiting the exhibition dedicated to Josef and Anni Albers. What did we learn from him? How did his view on colours influence our perception of them? How did Josef Albers make an impact on teaching colour? These are just a few subjects we can discuss.


The Boghossian Foundation is presenting the first exhibition in Belgium about Josef and Anni Albers. These two pioneers of modernism both marked 20th-century art with their oeuvre. With almost a hundred artworks (paintings, assemblages, photographs, graphic works, textiles, films and furniture), the exhibition not only presents a fascinating sample of their respective oeuvres but also shows how strong their mutual bond was and how well they matched each other artistically. They supported and encouraged each other throughout their lives. The exhibition takes place in the Villa Empain, initially designed as a home for a couple. The villa is a pearl of Art Deco architecture that, with its pure lines, heralded the arrival of modernism. It is therefore a fitting backdrop for showcasing the international and distinctly modern vision of Josef and Anni Albers, especially the artistic and pedagogical values they still embody to this very day.


Each participant is invited to share about one of Josef Albers’s (or Anni’s) works, or a related story, or tell about an impression. This is, of course, voluntary, and you are welcome to just watch and listen while we go around the exhibition.

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Hope to see you there,
The ICA-Belgium team,
Maja, Inez and Jeannette

* The entrance fee to the exhibition is 12 euros and should be paid individually. Free entrance with the Belgian museum pass.